服装设计 + 品牌化

​这一系列的照片反映我自己手缝的衣服。都是在 RISD冬天学期做的。原版的设计和风格化

模特:Oleg Mulanov, Avery Albert, Ian Barsanti

特别感谢:Caroline Shen

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The worst part is that pollution levels can change overnight...

           This garment is a response to the rising air pollution levels that can only get worse in the next 15 to 20 years in the world’s development. Embedded is a C02 detector, which can communicate with the Arduino Featherboard, a specialized Arduino with Wi-Fi connectability. As the user wears the garment, it actively records air quality data linked to the wearer's GPS coordinates. The chip then uploads this information to a map visualizer, which can be viewed on a phone or desktop and shared via social media.

           The garment also features an embedded M3 filtration mask in a high collar. When high pollution levels are detected, the Arduino will send a notification to the wearer's smartphone, recommending that they engage the mask if it is folded or tucked away.

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